Google map with Utah Repeaters

I thought it would be helpful to visualize where all the radio repeaters are in my area. I found a lack of map information available for this sort of thing but I found readily available CSV data with the information. Google Fusion Tables to the rescue!

I tried to embed the map in this post but for some reason the google map terrain data wasn’t showing up when I combined everything with the template. For the time being, just access the separate page.

Utah Repeater Map


12 thoughts on “Google map with Utah Repeaters”

  1. Nothing, only todo with your Christian forums link and SEO. Mentioned because since you commented on another post, but with a different URL, it looks more like you’re attempting to spam search engines than like you’re interested in what an amateur radio repeater is.

    Radio repeaters do just what the name implies. They rebroadcast a radio signal. They do not boost the original signal, they create a new signal that repeats what the original signal was carrying.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I discovered it to day while researching the repeaters in Utah, for use during an upcoming hike up Nebo mountain. I’m getting my first radio (IC-V80) and I want to try and make some contacts from the peak while I’m there. This has helped me find likely candidates.

  3. Hey! Yeah, I think I remember you. 🙂 I don’t have it /YET/, but barring a disaster, I’ll have the money on Saturday, and I’m running up to the shop in salt lake to pick one up.

  4. Yup, yup, it’s me. I’m still lurking on plug too. I use a Yeasu VX-7R. Handhelds are nice but I’d like to get a mobile solution at some point. Much more Tx power available.

  5. Yeah. I want to get a radio in my car, but that’s a much more expensive proposition, so I’m happy to be getting /anything/. I’d LOVE a Yaesu, but no one local sells them, and I need cheap right now, so I’ll settle for an Icom.

  6. Well, I got my radio. 🙂 Ended up with a FT-250R from Yaesu. Got several local repeaters, and national simplex programmed in, but no one seems to be talking on them. You happen to know any frequencies people use around here?

  7. The Utah county ARES repeaters have people on them fairly regularly. There are a couple repeaters on Lake Mt that have people on them quite often too. I’ll post check my radio and post what I have programmed in.

  8. Another necro-comment. 😉

    Just letting you know, the 146.760 repeater on Lake Mountain is very active these days. I’ve actually joined a ‘club’ that meets on there. More of a social group than a radio club, but we have a lot of fun, and run a net on Thursday evenings, if you even get inspired to listen in. Otherwise, I’m on there most mornings around 7:30 on my way to work, and evenings around 5:15 or so on my way home. 🙂

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