Gadianton Clan

Welcome All

Just a few quick items about our clan.
Clan tag #9L2UULYY


We're pretty active and supporting.  We have lots of family and friends and welcome you to bring yours along regardless of level.  We like to help newer players grow their bases.  We ask you don't rush your base (building your next town hall before all your defenses and troops are updated.)  That makes it harder for you to grow and easier for us to lose in war.


  • We don't required a specific donating ratio but if you want promoted you have to donate as much as you receive.
  • Requests for "Any" will be filled pretty fast.
  • You're welcome to request a specific troop.  Max Hogs, Max Wizards etc all OK.  However, not everyone has these troops.  If you request something you can't make yourself, it should be done with patience and politely.  We'll probably fill it.
  • You should always request specific troops for a war battle.
  • Don't fill a troop request with the wrong troops.  Also requests for "any" generally shouldn't be filled with goblins or wall breakers.


  • Elder is earned by war participation and donations.
    • You must donate as much as you receive or at least in the approximate ratio.
    • You must chat about your attacks for war.
    • You must use clan troops in your war planning.
    • You must use both attacks.
    • You must show a decent effort to win your war battles.
    • Elders are responsible about leaving for vacation/time away and set their war opt in/out accordingly.
    • Elders don't rush their bases.  Rushed bases hurt the clan in war (Because we get ranked against stronger opponents but you don't have the attack power to beat them or the defenses to defend their attacks... i.e. they get 3 starts on your base and you get none on theirs.)
  • Co-leaders are assigned based on need and trust only.  You can't earn it.  It just happens.

War General

  • With the advent of opt in/out settings, we started warring constantly to level our clan perks.  Each war starts when the previous war ends.  Just set your opt in/out on your preferences if you want to be in.  We make minor adjustments to get a multiple of 5 for war but usually the preference is honored well.
  • You should plan on using both attacks in war even if we aren't going to win.
  • Only co-leaders or high level elders are allowed to donate to clan castles.  Do not donate anything to a war clan castle unless first confirmed OK in chat.

War Planning

  1. Do not attack without chatting first about your target.  This helps ensure you're prepared and follow the rest of these guidelines.
  2. Always ask for specific troops for war.  Requests for "war troops" or "good stuff" shows you aren't planning well.
  3. We want 3 star attacks to win wars.  Here is how we try to get the most stars possible:
    • You can attack your level or one lower level at the start of the war if you feel confident you can get 3 stars.
    • If you need to go lower to get 3 stars, you must give the lower base a chance first.  This helps ensure two things, one, that the lower base has a chance to get stars and 2, they'll expose the traps and clan troops to help you have an advantage when you attack.
    • If you want to attack higher, you must wait until toward the end of the war to see how many stars have been won.  It may be required you attack lower to help gain stars.
    • No looting big bases (unless in accordance with the previous rule.)  We have to get stars before loot or we all get a lot less loot!