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GTK+ programs with GtkBuilder and dynamic signal handlers.

Well, I decided to review some GTK+ and Gnome development lately. With GTK+, a nice way to create a user interface is with the Glade Interface Designer. Glade produces an xml file with a glade-interface element that can be loaded by libglade. You can then change attributes of the user interface without having to recompile […]

Ten Principles Of Effective Web Design

Here is another article from Digg.com highlighting some effective web design techniques. I’m stockpiling these for the next time I have a new project that requires a new face. This one is particularly informative since it gives examples at the beginning of how users use the web and then shows how you can take advantage […]

8 Web Design Mistakes That Developers Make

I decided to make a blog entry for this so I can come back again and review it later. I fall exactly into the category of “developers creating websites”. Luckily, most of the work I do, at least professionally, has someone else to be in charge of how it looks! I found the tips mentioned […]

9 Essential Principles for Good Web Design

I came across this article on Digg.com. It contains pretty concise tips that I can follow and make sure I’m doing. Since I’m not a designer and don’t necessarily have the best ability to choose matching colors and appropriate fonts etc, I find articles like these helpful to bookmark for reference when tuning my sites. […]

Elements of Great Web Design: The Polish

I’m not an expert designer. In fact, most of the time I feel inadequate when it comes to picking colors, layouts, and other features that a designer usually takes care of. All my design has to do with interfaces, classes, schema, and other back end technology that most people can’t see. In the mean time, […]

Playing with themes

Well, I can’t use the default WordPress theme on my new blog. Here are the ones I’ve tried:

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