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August 9, 2008

How much overhead does C++ bring compared to straight C?

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The other day, I had a conversation about putting C code onto an embedded chip. I wondered if it was possible to put C++ code on there. The gist of the conversation was that the C++ libraries had a lot of overhead and the executable size would be too large for the space available on the chip. I’m not an expert on exactly how much space is available on such devices (although I plan on becoming one), but I thought I’d play around with a few things and see just what overhead a c++ program would have when compared with it’s C counterparts.

I should note that there is already comparisons of the actual language constructs of C++ vs C for embedded devices. A simple google search yielded me a few answers. I’m more interested here in library overhead. For example, how does printf compare to cout, etc. All my experiments are done on my iMac with gcc/g++.


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