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Linux-Vserver vs Xen

A while back, I found myself running out of hardware and wanting to host more sites than I currently was. In addition, I wanted to create a little bit more redundancy for some of the services I host. At the time, I was hosting a number of services with Xen. One physical server hosted 3 […]

Using tcpdump on a linux-vserver guest

To debug a problem I’m working on, I need to be able to see network traffic on an interface inside a linux-vserver guest. To do this, you have to enable the CAP_NET_RAW capability for that guest. > echo “NET_RAW” >> /etc/vservers/myserver/bcapabilities Then just restart the vserver. I noticed you don’t have to enable NET_ADMIN, or […]

Using Linux-HA for High Availability with Gentoo and Linux-VServer

In my production setup, I don’t have a load balancer. This may be changed at some point, assuming that we can find one we like for the price we want to purchase it for, but in the mean time, I’ve been inspired to set up a virtual IP address across two machines that each can […]

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