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January 30, 2011

Why and How to use

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I’ve been recommending to friends and family that they use to help safeguard their homes from adult content. A few things have changed since I originally started using their service and I thought I’d write up a little article to help everyone understand.

Lets start with the “why”. I’m not going to focus on the reason to have some filtering technology. Instead, I want to help educate on the different types of filters and why I prefer OpenDNS. Basically, there are two types of technology being used to filter content. One methodology is to install software on a computer that monitors the computers network activity and redirects filtered content to a blocked page. The second approach is to not intrude upon the computer’s installed programs, but to handle the filtering at a network level. falls into the second category. I prefer it because I don’t have to manage every computer in our home and I don’t have to have software that potentially slows my computer down.


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