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The Recommended Tags Plugin

Since I upgraded to WordPress 2.3, The biggest thing I missed about my old Simple Tags Plugin was the auto-completion that happened for tags when I started typing them in on a post. I started missing that so much that I began to think of writing a new plugin. Before beginning on such a task […]

Upgrading to WordPress 2.3 and the New Built-in Tagging Feature

I’ve barely completed an upgrade to WordPress 2.3. Out of many new improvements, one which stood out to me is the integrated tagging support. No longer, is it necessary to download one of the many tagging plugins. Some things I noticed during the upgrade: My existing tagging plugin broke at the time of the upgrade. […]

Categories vs Tags

I found a couple plugins that make the tag and category features function the way I’d like. Simple TaggingThis plugin allows each post to have an associated set of tags. This enables a clean category system while still being able to show the subjects that each post talks about. Simple Tagging Widget This widget Enables […]

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