Privacy Policy

Redneck Bounce does not collect, store, or use any personal information from any user or device where installed.  However, 3rd party software used for displaying ads may track some some device information in order to display relevant ads to the user.  You may reference the Chartboost Privacy Policy for further information on how device information may be used or stored in relation to contextual content.

For enhanced privacy, you may opt out of personalized ads by selecting the settings (gear icon) and then selecting the “X” option next to “Personalized Ads”.   In this case, the Ad software will no longer track your device id when choosing appropriate ads to display.

Making any purchase disables all non-requested in game ads.  However, free shells are still offered in return for watching ads.  In this case, the same privacy settings as described above apply.  No purchase information is stored by Redneck Bounce other than what is provided by the Apple App Store, namely, the product that was purchased.