Privacy Policy


This privacy policy explains how user or player information is accessed and stored by Redneck Bounce and any 3rd party software utilized for game operation.

Collection of User Information

Version 2.x

Redneck Bounce does not collect any private user information. However, information you make public via your Apple Game Center Login or your Google Play login such us your public profile name or friends list is accessible to Redneck Bounce. Redneck Bounce does not attempt to access any information not required to operate any in game features such as High Scores, Player records, Leaderboards, Achievements, collectible items etc.

Redneck Bounce does collect some non private game usage information for statistical purposes. This data does not contain any user information and cannot be used to track or identify the user in any way.

Version 1.x

Redneck Bounce does not collect, store, or use any personal information from any user or device where installed.  

3rd Party Software

3rd party software used for displaying ads may track some some device information in order to display relevant ads to the user. You may reference the Chartboost Privacy Policy for further information on how device information may be used or stored in relation to contextual content.

No purchase information is stored by Redneck Bounce other than what is provided by the Apple App Store or Google Play Games Services, namely, the product that was purchased.

How information is used

Any player information collected is stored securely and inaccessible to any other party except where information is explicitly made public. Public information is limited to High Scores and Leaderboard data. Other information stored, such as collectible items, achievements, or any game progress data is not available to any other player. Operators of Redneck Bounce may access this data for statistical purposes, game research and development, or bug tracking but do not share this data with any 3rd party.

Stored player information also allows the player to have access to game state, collectible items and scores, etc, when logging in on more than one device.

What options do users have?

Version 1.x

For enhanced privacy, you may opt out of personalized ads by selecting the settings (gear icon) and then selecting the “X” option next to “Personalized Ads”.   In this case, the Ad software will no longer track your device id when choosing appropriate ads to display.

Making any purchase disables all non-requested in game ads.  However, free in game rewards are still offered in return for watching ads.  In this case, the same privacy settings as described above apply.