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git diff with color words

I had these files with very very long lines of text on each line. It was paragraphs worth of words but not word wrapped. These files were stored in a git repository. Now and then, someone would change a word. … Continue reading

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Dual Master Git Repositories

One of the nice things about git, is the ability to work in a distributed manor. Instead of having to have a central repository for your source code, you can create a copy of your repository and do work, while … Continue reading

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Fixing the code highlighter for WordPress

Many of my posts have some sort of code, shell script, or other syntax highlighted portion. I’ve loved the code highligher plugin for wordpress. The version I’ve been using (1.8) doesn’t seem to have had any updates for quite some … Continue reading

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An Open Source Library for Writing Firmware on the Cypress FX2 with SDCC

After playing around with the Cypress FX2 and SDCC for the past while, I’ve developed a library of utilities that make some of the common tasks for writing firmware and performing certain functions a little easier. I’m lucky to work … Continue reading

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Sharing git branches

I’ve been learning git lately. Here are a few tips for sharing branches I’ve collected during the past few weeks. Create a branch In git, branches are stored on your local machine. Even the commonly named “master”, is just a … Continue reading

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Formatting Source Code with WordPress

Sometimes you get used to doing things one way and you forget to take a step back now and then and see if there isn’t something you’re missing. In my case, I was formatting source code on this blog by … Continue reading

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