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Pantech/Verizon UML295 USB cellular access on Linux.

I recently had need to attach a Verizon USB dongle to a Raspberry PI device running Linux for mobile internet access. Documenting here in order so it won’t take so long to find this in the future if I need … Continue reading

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Darn Server Software

We commonly refer to software that you aren’t using all the time as becoming susceptible to bit rot. After discovering multiple things that didn’t work on my site, I went ahead and updated all the software to latest revisions. In … Continue reading

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Seasons of Change

It came time to renew an old domain name I had this week. Something about renewing a domain I’ve not used for years finally got to me and I decided to let it go. It seems weird to remove a … Continue reading

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Server Updates

I’ve tried to keep this server up to date but it seems like sometimes you just have to start over. Here are todays adventures. Try to find out why my contact form is blank Delete the old contact plugin that … Continue reading

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Battling StackOverflow?

I’ve been thinking about the state of this blog for the last several weeks. I upgraded my virtual server and had the opportunity to bring over the blog and associated software dependencies and data. When I first started this blog … Continue reading

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How much filament is on the roll of plastic?

So my slicer software of choice (Simplify3D) gives me some estimates on filament length for a printed part. That’s handy enough but my filament is wrapped around a spool and it’s a little bit unclear exactly how long that length … Continue reading

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