A review of sponsoredreviews

I’ve terminated my sponsoredreviews.com account. It was a fun experiment, and I did indeed receive some cash on the side, but it’s just not worth the time I guess. I don’t think any readers of this site are actually are interested in the reviews anyway. I tried to write them in a way that was at least somewhat educational, or pointed out how I thought the service could be useful. It seemed to me however that the only people ever purchasing reviews on the site were ISPs or email hosting services. I think readers AllMyBrain.com are advanced enough to find an email provider that works for them and are also probably happy enough with their ISP. On occasion, I would see something I thought actually applied to the community and bid on it. None of those advertisers ever accepted though. Recently, SR raised the amount they take from the advertisers. I figured it was good enough time toss in the hat and focus my energy elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “A review of sponsoredreviews”

  1. Do publishers could be penalized for participating in sponsored reviews? or could be removed from Google search results entirely? Is this worth or not Tell frankly.

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