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October 19, 2009

Do we really need super-fast broadband?

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Wouldn’t it be nice to download your favorite music track in just 11 seconds? Or a 60 minute TV show in just 1 minute 2 seconds? How about a High definition movie in just over 14 minutes? Is this ever possible? With 50Mb broadband, it is. Virgin Media currently has a 50Mb service that lets you download with speeds which we thought were possible only in our imagination. What it is about 50Mb Broadband anyway? Do we actually need it?

It is clear that the introduction of 50Mb broadband is the result of the ever increasing demand for online entertainment. Apart from the unbelievable download speeds, such broadband services take online gaming to a whole new level. When you can download a game is just under 2 minutes, what more can you ask for? For the hardcore gamer, 50Mb broadband will be a dream come true indeed! Why wouldn’t it be when he himself can host large games and play even the most complicated games without any visible glitches?

And as for online movies and streaming, an up to 50Mb service is more than just utilitarian, for you can stream HD content with almost zero buffering. Not just that, for large households where almost everyone wants a go at the Internet at the same time, an up to 50Mb broadband deal lets every user glide across the Internet through the same connection. When speeds of such order work wonders, one can imagine how a 160Mb broadband connection will perform. This is what 2.5 million Japanese customers have been enjoying for quite some time. Though Virgin media’s 50Mb deal appears to be a breakthrough, at least for the UK customers, it is gearing up for speeds between 100Mb and 150Mb by 2010.

Now do we actually need such super-fast broadband services? Why not, when we can get things done in the wink of an eye, when our homes can be equipped with business broadband speeds, when even the most elaborate virtual world can fly onto our home screen within seconds.

March 14, 2009

Finding the Best Mobile Broadband Service

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Mobile broadband is an exciting, fairly new service that provides wireless Internet access virtually anywhere you can get a mobile phone signal. The service usually requires some sort of data stick or card and is a very reasonably priced service that is much easier than trying to find hot spots, Wi-Fi or an un-secure wireless network to tap into.

So how do you find the best mobile broadband service? First, decide what features you are looking for. Are you going to need lots of download space for songs and videos? If this is the case look for a package that gives you a large or better, unlimited download limit. If you just plan on using it for email and chatting you can go with a lower limit.

Most of us won’t settle for anything less than super fast Internet so again, consider what you’ll be using yours for. If it’s just email and chat you can get an average speed but if you’re a high load user you can go for a higher speed.

And of course always consider price. Compare broadband plans and see how they stack up. And don’t be afraid to tell one service provider you found a better deal somewhere else (even if the package you want is with them)! 

Finally, always double check if there are any hidden costs like charges for the USB key or card, setting up the service and charges if you exceed your download limit as well as contracts you may have to sign.

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