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February 17, 2010

MS Money and UBS Mappings for csv2ofx

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I added the MS Money Report mapping from the csv2ofx wiki and merged in Arthur Liu’s UBS mapping to csv2ofx.

A quick reminder for the way mappings work: The built in mappings are made to work as an example for your own CSV files. You might happen to have a CSV file from one of the banks or software used by the example mappings, but likely, you have your own bank and own CSV file format. Copy the src/csv2ofx/ file to your own location and name it Then edit/add mappings as you need to suite your own needs.

As always, contributed mappings are welcome back.


February 4, 2009

Converting financial CSV data to OFX or QIF import files

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As a side project, I created a CSV to OFX converter that applies custom mappings to CSV data to export them to QIF or OFX files. This morning, I added the ability to override the built-in mappings with custom mappings that suite your needs.

Basically, you can take financial data from any institution and modify one of the existing mappings to provide the information needed for each export format. Once you’ve done that for your bank, you can import CSV data and export OFX or QIF for import into whichever financial software you prefer.

csv2ofx requires wxPython. You can retrieve the latest source with git:

> git clone git:// 
> cd csv2ofx
> # use csv2ofx from the source directory
> ./csv2ofx
> # or install it site-wide
> python install
> # csv2ofx installed in path

You may also download a zip or tar archive from github if you prefer to grab a copy but don’t want to track the source repository. Go to the source repository for csv2ofx and click the download link.

There are directions in src/ and the README file for modifying mappings to suite your needs.

Contributions are welcome. Enjoy.

Update: 02/17/10
Added MS Money Rep and UBS support to csv2ofx

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