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Image Upload with YUI Editor 2.5.0

The YUI team has been making further enhancements to the YUI library. I decided to stick together in one post all the previous resources I’ve added for the YUI Image Uploader and make sure the uploader was compatible with the … Continue reading

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An Example Rich Text Editor Image Upload with PHP

After my previous image uploader and turbogears image uploader posts, the overwhelmingly most requested information has been a PHP implementation of the upload script. I’m not much of a PHP guru. Luckily, a few users have posted possible solutions for … Continue reading

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YUI Image Uploader Example with TurboGears

After completing the YUI Image Uploader, I received a lot of requests for a working example. I didn’t originally create a working example, because that requires server functionality that this server didn’t have. I’ve remedied the situation and have completed … Continue reading

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An Image Upload Extension for YUI Rich Text Editor

Before you begin: Read the updates at the bottom of the page. This post was written for an older version of the YUI library. I’ve had nothing but good things to say about the Yahoo User Interface tools. It seems … Continue reading

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