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November 22, 2011

Changing server ip addresses

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OK, so I changed my virtual server ip address in response to my host being allocated a new block of IPs. Anyhow, things seem to have gone ok. I changed DNS timeouts to short, waited, updated everything etc etc… Of course, it seems that there are always some DNS servers here and there that don’t quite play by the rules. That and I don’t directly control my secondary name server. Hopefully nobody experiences too much down time.

January 30, 2011

Why and How to use

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I’ve been recommending to friends and family that they use to help safeguard their homes from adult content. A few things have changed since I originally started using their service and I thought I’d write up a little article to help everyone understand.

Lets start with the “why”. I’m not going to focus on the reason to have some filtering technology. Instead, I want to help educate on the different types of filters and why I prefer OpenDNS. Basically, there are two types of technology being used to filter content. One methodology is to install software on a computer that monitors the computers network activity and redirects filtered content to a blocked page. The second approach is to not intrude upon the computer’s installed programs, but to handle the filtering at a network level. falls into the second category. I prefer it because I don’t have to manage every computer in our home and I don’t have to have software that potentially slows my computer down.


October 10, 2007

Programming a client for the WHOIS protocol

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I have a little task that involves programmatically determining whether DNS servers are set correctly for a domain. Since this project is written in Python, I first set out to see if there were any “whois” clients already available for Python. I eventually found, which is a whois client with recursive ability. I noticed it hasn’t changed since 2003, but thought that if it works, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

My first run of the program resulted in an error. The client successfully found the registrar information for my domain, but failed to parse and display it. There was a “NoParser for:” exception. I set out to analyze the client and the whois protocol and see if I couldn’t either fix it or come up with something for a replacement.


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