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Simplified Envelope Budgeting for GnuCash

OK, out of popular demand, I’ve decided to revisit this topic. My original Better Budgeting with GnuCash article is still highly relevant and worth a read for the background if you haven’t read that yet. The method I proposed in my 1st article works. I used it for over a year with great success. After […]

GnuCash Budget Followup

Here is a followup to a few questions that have come up since my GnuCash Budget post. How much did I spend for this month? I find the Cash Flow report useful for this question. (Reports->Income & Expense->Cash Flow). You need to customize the report a bit before you get the information you need though. […]

Better Budgeting with GnuCash

As a fan of tracking my finances electronically, I’ve paid attention to GnuCash for quite a while. In the past, it wasn’t ready for my needs since it didn’t automatically import finances from my bank. That has changed though. I was happy to recently successfully download bank transactions with the latest GnuCash and I decided […]

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