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Printing on one line with Python

You might be used to using sys.stdout when you want to print multiple items on one line with Python. Did you know you can do the same thing with the print statement?

Quick convert raw g711 uLaw audio to a .au file

I had reason to playback some raw g.711 audio data. I made the following script to convert the data to a .au file that is playable. From the AU file spec.. which is way simple by the way: You just need to add 6 32-bit header flags. raw2au.py: import struct header = [ 0x2e736e64, 24, […]

The Python install system needs an overhaul

Perhaps this is more of a rant than a useful blog post. I do plan on posting something useful though, so bear with me. First, a little background. I’ve been working on installing a website based on Django for the last while. As part of the process, I wanted to bring in all the dependencies […]

Launching wxPython apps with an iPython shell

Suppose you want to run your fancy wxPython application but have a shell in the background to peek and poke at certains settings, help debug, and possibly even use an API that your program provides to automate tasks. iPython has built in wx support (as well as support for other GUIs and frontends). So anyway, […]

Converting financial CSV data to OFX or QIF import files

As a side project, I created a CSV to OFX converter that applies custom mappings to CSV data to export them to QIF or OFX files. This morning, I added the ability to override the built-in mappings with custom mappings that suite your needs. Basically, you can take financial data from any institution and modify […]

Custom Derived Classes for wxPython XRC resources

First of all, this isn’t a topic that is bran new or which requires new documentation. I have learned a few quirks about the process for creating custom controls, panels, frames, and other elements with XRC files in wxPython and I thought I’d write up a little post. Let me point you to the two […]

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