Installing PgAdmin3 1.8.0 with Gentoo Linux

Today, my quest for the latest and greatest software has led me to a new release of PgAdmin3. The Gentoo ebuilds for the project are terribly out of date. Before setting out to install the new version of this software, I decided I better figure out why it hasn’t been added to the official Gentoo portage tree.

The new version of PgAdmin requires wxGTK-2.8.*. There is a request for enhancement open already. The reason it hasn’t been closed is that there were a lot of packages that depended on anything greater that wxGTK-2.6 when they were added to portage. Those had to be fixed before a new wxGTK could be added because the newer wxGTK is not compatible. There is also a request for a newer PgAdmin that is marked that it will be resolved later.

Now, moving on to overcoming all this and getting the software right now. I found an overlay for your local portage that will get the latest wxGTK version for you here. I haven’t tested to see whether this ebuild takes care of the slotting for different minor versions of wxGTK. You may want to double check if you have any other packages that depend on wxGTK before going too far with this:

>equery d wxGTK

Assuming you’re all ready to install, download and then install the overlay:

>cd /usr/local/portage
>unzip /path/to/file/
>cd x11-libs/wxGTK/
>ebuild wxGTK- digest

Next, you need to get a good ebuild for PgAdmin. I installed the postgresql-testing overlay which has ebuilds up to the 1.6.x versions already. You could check the version bump request for pgadmin to see if there is one there instead of doing this. You’d end up putting it in the same place anyway however.

>layman -a postgresql-testing # install layman 1st if you don't have that command
>cd /usr/local/portage/
>mkdir dev-db
>cd dev-db
>cp -r /usr/portage/local/layman/postgresql-testing/dev-db/pgadmin3 .
>cd pgadmin3
# version might be different when you do the next command
>cp pgadmin3-1.6.0_beta1.ebuild pgadmin3-1.8.0.ebuild
# I then edited the 1.8.0 ebuild as follows:
# --
KEYWORDS="~x86" # instead of "-*"
DEPEND="=x11-libs/wxGTK-2.8* # was 2.7*
 >=dev-db/libpq-8 # was 7.4
export WX_GTK_VER=2.8 # was 2.7
# --
>ebuild pgadmin3-1.8.0.ebuild digest

After that you can emerge the new PgAdmin. You’ll need to have ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=”~x86″ or add dev-db/pgadmin3 ~x86 to your /etc/portage/package.keywords file.

>emerge -av pgadmin3

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