I think Spore on the DS is going to stink

Ok, I’m taking a little sidetrack from my usual line of topics. I certainly spend plenty of time programming and learning things. What do I do in the rest of the time? A range of activities including, but not limited to, playing on my DS and Wii!

Well, anyone who follows any type of gaming industry news has certainly at least heard of Spore, the next Sim game from Sim City creator Will Wright. Just this morning, I read a Spore walk through given to Wired Magazine by Will himself.

Spore on the DS

I think that the game has a lot of potential to be a whole bunch of fun. I was especially excited to see that there will be a DS version and possibly a future Wii version. When I got to the slide that discussed the DS version, my first instinct was to scan quickly to see what is not going to be included. I was disappointed to read the following:

Of course, things have been dramatically scaled back for each version. The Nintendo DS game, shown here, will concentrate on the “creature” phase. You’ll build your own critters, then take them out into the world. You’ll be able to use the DS’ internet capabilities to swap creatures with other players all over the world.

So apparently if you are going to play Spore on the DS, you’ll be not be evolving your creation from the primordial soup, playing the RTS tribe mode, or entering the space age. Hm. I really hope there is a Wii version that doesn’t stink.

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