Free Tool for Maintenance Tracking

So I got a new vehicle lately. Then I got a new motorcycle too. Traded a van for a Suburban and a CR500 for a CRf450. When I got my new bike, I got a detailed list of all the maintenance that had been performed by the previous owner. I thought I’d like to keep up that tradition. After searching the Internet for a while, I found maintenance spreadsheets for Houses, Cars and all kinds of other things, but they were each tailored to their own domain and not really customizable. I decided it was time to build something.

I came up with an Database with a couple forms for editing data. I used 3.0. I’m not sure if it’ll work with older versions.

There are two forms:

  1. Categories

    Use this form to enter categories and jobs. Enter as many as you like. Each category can be controlled by the date and time or by a custom Interval. If you choose “Time”, job due dates are automatically calculated. If you choose “Interval”, you’ll need to periodically update the current value for the Interval. For example, if you choose “Interval”, and you want the Interval to be measured in “Miles”, like for a car, you can put the current mileage on the car for the value. Next time you feel like doing so, update the mileage in the spreadsheet and all the jobs will be calculated based on the last time they were done.

  2. Due Jobs

    This form shows you which jobs are due. Simply choose the category and any jobs that need attention are shown. You can also see the last time they were done. At the bottom, you can enter a new date and/or period and even a cost. Next time you view the form, the task will no longer show as due.

Enjoy. Here is the file: maintenance.odb

Leave feedback, suggestions, comments, whatever if you like.

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