Retrieving data from your corrupted hard disk

I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked about lost files. The story goes something like one of these:

“Hey, I can’t open a file.”
“Hey, the file was there but now it isn’t.”
“Hey, I’ve got a file I can open the but the data is not correct.”

You’ve all heard the story. While there are sometimes trivial answers to these problems, most of the time I find the issue originates when someone saves over a file, accidentally deletes a file, or Windows crashes and hoses the file system. (Yeah, that one happens a lot actually.)

Anyway, I came across some file recovery software that seems to be pretty handy. Disk Doctor only runs on Windows Platforms, (it only supports FAT32 and NTFS), but it has a very impressive set of data recovery features for recovering lost data. In addition to recovering files, you can restore lost partitions. I have yet to have a person who runs Linux ask me how to recover a lost file so I’m guessing this software fits the bill pretty well.

In case you lost a small file and need a quick fix, Disk Doctor provides a trial version that can restore files up to 64k in size. The nice thing is the personal version only costs $39. It might pay for itself depending on what you lost!

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One Response to Retrieving data from your corrupted hard disk

  1. VP Singh says:

    If all the software fail to retrieve data from your hard disk. Don’t worry. Please check the heads of the hard disk, head head switching chip, spindle rotating motor (May be jammed.). Actually it is the problem of hardware components installed in the HDD, not the problem towards your file system. Software can get data only iff your file system croupted, Partitions deleted and like such problems.

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