fx2lib documentation and source download

I’ve uploaded documentation and a source download for fx2lib. Here is the copy of the Sourceforge announcement.

The fx2lib sources are stable enough to build complete firmware implementations for the cypress fx/fx2 variants of the 8051 chipset.
The current release includes library functions for:

  • delay functions
  • endpoint functions
  • register definitions
  • type definitions
  • macros for common tasks
  • GPIF functions
  • i2c functions
  • serial IO
  • USB jump tables
  • vendor commands and setup data.

Library documentation is located at: http://fx2lib.sourceforge.net/docs/

Sources can be downloaded from the project download page: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=247216

Development on fx2lib occurs in a git repository at: http://github.com/mulicheng/fx2lib/

Check out my other posts on fx2 programming for reference. If you are interested, there is much information to discuss on the fx2lib mailing list too. Check the fx2lib home page for information on joining the list.

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