Switching to VOIP saves me $400/year.

T-Mobile came out with a new @Home service at the start of July that integrates VOIP and Wi-Fi calling w/ supported phones. Here’s how it works:

If you carry a plan that is $39/month or more, then you qualify to get the @Home router and they add a line to your account. Your existing phones can plug in to the back of the router (up to two lines) and then you make VOIP calls over your existing high speed internet connection.

Here are some cool details:

  1. Unlimited USA calls from the home line.
  2. Calls made using Wi-Fi with a Wi-Fi capable phone are free which leads to…
  3. You don’t need as many minutes on your plan.
  4. They can port your existing home number over.

We lowered our plan minutes and added the @Home service which left our monthly bill the same. Then we canceled Qwest and are now saving $400/year.

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