Terminal Spelling

There are a miriad of dictionary tools on the Internet and for desktops. If you want, you can even pull out the dusty dictionary on your shelf. I find myself often wanting to use the dictionary not for a word definition, but to find out if I’m spelling a word correctly. Finding an online or desktop tool, loading it, and doing the search is bothersome at best.

Since most of the time I already have my terminal open, here is a shortcut I use to finding the correct spelling of a word. Just use aspell (installed on most Linux distributions by default.)

$ echo "aword" | aspell -a

Easy enough isn’t it. Now I put a simple script in my bin directory. Call it whatever you want.


echo "$1" | aspell -a

You may even be able to pull this off with an alias or something. In the mean time, just use your terminal to find the correct spelling of that hard to spell word and skip all the GUI utilities.

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