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Categories vs Tags

I found a couple plugins that make the tag and category features function the way I’d like. Simple TaggingThis plugin allows each post to have an associated set of tags. This enables a clean category system while still being able to show the subjects that each post talks about. Simple Tagging Widget This widget Enables […]

Choosing a bookmarking plugin

Well, after evaluating a lot of templates, I’ve realized I’ll need a bookmarking plugin. There aren’t very many templates that contain the bookmarking widgets already. Here are the ones I’ve tried: Social Bookmark Plugin This one is OK. I like how you can dynamically choose which sites you’d like included in the list of links. […]


I’ve played around quite a bit with link structure for various sites I’ve programmed. I’ve found that Google will index your pages whether they have a parameterized URLs: http://somesite.example?param1=this&param2=that or parameterized Paths (Permalinks): http://somesite.example/this/that I think, however, that in general, search engines like the path portion of the URL better than they like than the […]

Playing with themes

Well, I can’t use the default WordPress theme on my new blog. Here are the ones I’ve tried:

My new dumping ground

I need a place to dump all the stuff I work on from day to day. I was sitting thinking one day about what something like this would be called and the domain AllMyBrain.com popped into my head. I thought, “That’s perfect, exactly what I mean to do with this.” To my pleasant surprise, the […]

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