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Comment Spam and WP-SpamFree

I’m tired of comment spam. I guess my blog has grown to a popular enough size that I’m known by just enough bots to make things annoying. The next plugin I’ll be trying out is WP-SpamFree. If you can’t post … Continue reading

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Formatting Source Code with WordPress

Sometimes you get used to doing things one way and you forget to take a step back now and then and see if there isn’t something you’re missing. In my case, I was formatting source code on this blog by … Continue reading

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How to fix the Digg Tools JavaScript for WordPress

If you have a wordpress blog and you’ve ever had a popular enough post to have it posted to Digg.com, you might be tempted to paste the digg tools javascript into your post to integrate your site with the digg … Continue reading

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Can Google’s Adsense bot understand gzipped html pages?

During my experiments with WP-Super-cache, I noticed a strange thing happen to my Adsense ads. A short while after getting gzip compression to work properly, all my ad content had foreign characters and strange seemingly unrelated content. Having changed nothing … Continue reading

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Making WP-Super-Cache gzip compression work

I was pretty excited to see an update to WP-Cache. The first thing I noticed is that when I enabled the new super cache compression option, I started getting a file save as dialog instead of my pages. As of … Continue reading

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WP Super Cache – The Ultimate WordPress Caching Plugin

I’ve upgraded my old WP-Cache plugin to this one that I found on Digg.com today. From the Digg.com Post: Tired of clicking a link off the Digg front page only to find a crashed or mortally lagged site on the … Continue reading

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