How many emails does it take to complete a Masters Degree?

After posting a few tips on completing a Masters Degree and a Thesis, I had a thought that it would be fun to post about the same topic from a lighter angle. How many emails does it take to complete a Masters Degree?

I started using Gmail in 2005. Unfortunately, I don’t have any archived email from before that time. I started school in the Fall of 2003 so there are a number of email conversations I wasn’t able to include for this post. At that time however, I was participating mainly in coursework and had less frequent emailings than later when I was working on my Thesis.

For this post, I’ve considered every email that I sent or received, that pertained to school, since I started saving everything with my Gmail account. I’ve grouped them by the recipient or sender’s responsibility to simplify the summary.

Sender/Recipeint Emails
Major Professor 267
Councilor or Department Staff 62
Graduation Comittee 38
Department Chair 23
Misc People 5
Generic Department Email 4*
Total 399
* I actually deleted a lot of these emails

There you have it. Unfortunately, the communication part of my program was not the bulk of the work for getting my degree!

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