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Finding the Best Mobile Broadband Service

Mobile broadband is an exciting, fairly new service that provides wireless Internet access virtually anywhere you can get a mobile phone signal. The service usually requires some sort of data stick or card and is a very reasonably priced service … Continue reading

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Internet on the go

I’m not very transient in my Internet usage, meaning that I use the Internet at home and at work, but not a lot while I’m traveling. On occasion however, I really wish I had a way to connect my laptop … Continue reading

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Is human powered search the next big thing?

I’d be well within reason to suggest that it would be somewhat difficult to use the web without a good search. Google has been so successful that their name has become a verb in the English language that defines using … Continue reading

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Using YUI to Create Nested Tabs

Recently, I was browsing the YUI JavaScript forums and found a post about nesting the tab control. I haven’t done that before personally, but have done things where my tabs had Ajax or DHTML dependencies inside the tabs. I decided … Continue reading

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Ten Principles Of Effective Web Design

Here is another article from highlighting some effective web design techniques. I’m stockpiling these for the next time I have a new project that requires a new face. This one is particularly informative since it gives examples at the … Continue reading

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8 Web Design Mistakes That Developers Make

I decided to make a blog entry for this so I can come back again and review it later. I fall exactly into the category of “developers creating websites”. Luckily, most of the work I do, at least professionally, has … Continue reading

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